GREAT PLACE Did a couple of classes at #yogawithsimant at this training centre, and for someone who doesn't normally practice it was great. He is very patient, a great teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed my yoga session here. Highly recommend for the beginners.

- Akhilesh T

You definitely want to be here and learn from him. He has evolved and transformed not only himself but clients from different age groups. The trainer-yoga guru Simant is full of knowledge and resourceful. He has multiple dimensions of different yoga forms to help one and all folks keeping their age and fitness level.

- dhawal s

It is the most amazing and peaceful place to practice yoga and meditation. I would highly recommend it. Go for it without a second thought. I recommend it for women and college girls.

- Gurveen B

I had a very pleasant experience at #yogawithsimant. His teaching style is unique. Voice is soothing. Environment is friendly. I recommend it for all teenage girls and women. It is one of the best places in Delhi NCR to learn the Yoga.

- Shambhavi Kumar

Simant is really good and sincere yoga teacher with in depth knowledge in Yoga. His way of taking classes is awesome. Recommended for working women and men.

- Prachi Sehgal

Excellent atmosphere, excellent yoga class best yoga teacher I have seen so far. Recommended for everyone. Thank you yogawithsimant

- Gurudutt rohit

I highly recommend yoga with Simant. A compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and kind coach. His center is the most amazing and peaceful place to practice yoga and meditation.
"Azam from Iran"

- Azam Hosseini