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  • Importance of Yoga in The Corporate Sector Consider a day in the life of a corporate employee. Deadlines, politics in office, peer pressure, pressure to perform, pay cuts and long working hours - these are a part of every working individual’s daily routine, and to top it all is the wrong sedentary lifestyle we have accepted as a part of our lives. We sit at our desk in front of a computer, not to forget the bad posture while sitting, for eight hours or more, and that too every day. And to worsen the condition we have switched to the modern day diet- wrong breakfast, lunch and dinner. After we have tortured our bodies so much, it is bound to show some reaction, and we see it in the form of stress, mental fatigue and the several lifestyle diseases. This results in increase in number of sick leaves and less focus and productivity in general.
  • Almost every one of us today is suffering from one or more of these problems- back pain, spondylosis, eyes problems, insomnia, depression, headaches, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, and such other ailments.
  • Most of these are a result of our lifestyle. Generally, we prefer to take antibiotics and pain killers to manage these problems, but we forget that these are silent killers, as they damage important body organs like liver, kidney and heart. It has been found out that maximum of family or social relationships are in bad shape today due to mental & physical stress.
  • Yoga provides an opportunity to regain focus, concentrate and give your best at work. As it relaxes the body and mind, a person is at his creative best and gives the best idea possible. It is thus catching on and becoming highly popular in the corporate world.
  • Many big corporate houses now offer on-site yoga classes for their employees, as this helps to release stress. This activity is a win-win situation for both employees as well as owners. As the employees are more relaxed and less stressed, they are more focused, and thus do a better job leading to progress of the company.
  • Why should there be Yoga programmes in office?
    Improved efficiency and Increase in productivity Reduction in healthcare costs of employees Happier and healthier employees Reduced Stress and anxiety Improved memory, focus and concentration Clearer perception and decision-making Reduced staff turnover Increased flexibility & Strength Reduced employee absenteeism Development of team spirit
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